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    hhactivex.dlll error 80070002

      I'm shipping an application that uses HTML help and hhactivex.dll.

      On installation the app unzips hhactivex.dll into its program directory (not the windows system folder). It then shells out to call regsvr32 to silently unregister hhactivex.dll (just in case this is an upgrade). It then shells out to regsvr32 to silently register hhactivex.dll

      Occasionally, we get an error dialog with "hhactivex.dll" inthe title bar and the message "Error : 80070002". When the dialog is dismissed, installation proceeds and help works correctly.

      This error message, though harmless, is very worrying to users. But it's intermittent and so hard to track down. I thought it might be something to do with the chm file being installed into a different folder to the bin directory that hhactivex goes in. But why should the message only appear sometimes?

      Does anyone have any thoughts on thios? Has anyone seen this message before?