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    FJAX Best Practices

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      I am not sure if anyone else is interested in discussing how to pull of AJAX-style behaviors with ActionScript and XML in a traditional HTML delivery but I thought we could start a thread here (if you don't know what I am talking about, check out www.fjax.net ).

      My first question is, is anyone using the methodology and if so, what have you done with it so far? Anyone have any URLs?

      Christian Cantrell (Apollo developer / blogger) has done a bit of writing on how easy ActionScript 3 XML parsing is, so I figure FJAX is about to get more relevant for RIA projects with complex Data parsing and HTML -delivery requirements! Thoughts?
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          What you call "FJAX" is nothing but yet another buzzword to me - sorry. That kind of work has been around for years, I've worked that way 5 years ago, other probably longer and better, it is just nothing new.
          And to be honest, hype aside and not counting what googel does probably all good rias out there are Flash based and have been long bevore anyone said AJAX.

          BTW the site you linked isn't working (at least for me - loading... for hours).

          I don't mean to sound negative, but I just came to hate those hypes and like the great real world work done of those around here a lot more without too much buzz-word throwing.

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            One could make the same argument for AJAX. I think I read recently where someone claimed to have developed the concept and named it AJAX some time around the year 2000-2002 (I think it was in Wired Magazine, not the website). When in reality, Microsoft placed that technology into their Exchange Server's Web-based email client, Outlook Web Access, back in 1997-1998. Having said that, I don't think that I will stop calling it AJAX or imagine that AJAX is simply a buzzword. In a similar vein I don't see a lot of people absorbing the concept of having flash retrieve XML from a server and displaying that content as litteral DHTMLed xHTML. One might ask, "Why, if you are using Flash, would you not want to display the results IN FLASH?" And their might be enough reasons in regard to interacting wit hthe rest of the page why that might be true. But most importantly, I was just looking to see if and where people are doing this stuff. If you have been doing that exact thing for five years, I would just love to see it. Please, paste up some URLs and advice on how you are doing it/ why you did it that way?
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              I realy feel dumb now, as I haven't read your posting correctly the first time (and didin't find anything helpful on the site).

              I didn't get the idea of "and displaying that content as litteral DHTMLed xHTML."
              So FJAX is really something "new" and what I thought of was actually displaying the data in Flash. My blunder.

              > One might ask, "Why, if you are using Flash, would you not want to display the results IN FLASH?"

              I think that is exactly the point. There might be exotic situations where one might have to resort to such a construct as FJAX, but that seems to me more like a "fix" for something broken than a concept one would promote or deliberatly develop. It just invoves so much potential problems that I can't imagine it will provide any elegant solutions.

              I might err here, but that's the way I "feel" about it.

              It might be that - regarding the unsatisfactory way the httpRequestObject often works - some crazy (no offence menat here) masochistic AJAX guys might try to tune up their exsiting AJAX apps by using flash as middle-man.

              So I don't have any links for you sorry. (And I'm glad that I haven't had to to it that way, the anouncment of every new browser version would have been a nightmare otherwise ;-) )