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    security sandbox violation

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      I have a swf that contains a datagrid of names. When you click a name the
      flash file loads in a jpg image from a server.

      Sometimes it shows the security sandbox violation sometimes it doesn't.

      How can it be so temperamental?

      Please can someone answer this one.



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          I had a problem similar to this. I issolated the code that was sometimes causing the violation. Then, I inserted a button which would appear if the code did not launch. The user would then have to click the button to start the code which would always bypass the security sandbox. Not an automatic fix, but a fix until you could possibly find a better solution.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            The bit of code is simply an image loader

            I really can't make any sense of it. Even when the error appears. it still
            loads in the image.

            But it gets worse! When I load this compiled swf into another swf file, the
            image doesn't load at all, it just gives the following error

            *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
            Connection to file:///C|/development/flash%20source%20laptop/ halted - not
            permitted from http://server1/involve/content/my_new.swf
            -- Remote SWFs may not access local files.

            Is there any way around this?

            Thanks for any help