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    FLV Move Player and Get URL

    Padraig Doherty Level 1
      Anyone have an example or suggestion that could help me solve this problem:
      I am encoding my video and have a finished .FLV video file. I create a new .SWF player to play the .FLV as a progressive download. At the end of the video I want to open a URL in the same web browser thats plays the .SWF file. How do I detect the end of the movie and get the URL. I was tring to use the "FLV 8 Playback" Component and Get URL command to no avail. I think I need to detect the end of the movie but don't know the AS command. Does this need to be done with a Cue Point? I'm fairly new to actionscript and would be greatly appreciative of any help.

      Working with Flash MX Professional & Flash 8 Professional