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    Fast forwarding sound within a movie clip

      Hello all,

      I am trying to create an animation of a person with sound. I've created a movie clip with three layers. One for the animation, the second layer for the sound that I have imported to the timeline (instead of linking the sound as an object) and the third for the AS but I have no clue as to what AS I should put.

      I have put this MC on my main timeline and I do have a Fast Forward button on my main timeline which does fast forward the animation of the movie clip but not the sound. How do I fast forward the sound part of the MC and make the sound stop at the end of the movie clip too? Please advise also as to which method would be best to use the sound - on the timeline (if so, stream, event, start??) or through linkage?

      I have done my fair share of research and have tried to solve this on my own but I can't seem to apply the techniques and can't figure out the variables and instance names. Any clarification would be helfpul!

      Apologies for any annoyances but thanks!