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    write text in external text file

      imagine a flash that contains some buttons
      i want to do this.
      when we click on these buttons a text string that we define be written in an external text file on
      hard disk in any drive. for example(name.txt)
      note that we only want to write in external text file
      please show me this in workable example
      i appreciate yuor help
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          Rothrock Level 5
          You can't do this with Flash on its own. For security reasons Flash is very tight about accessing the local machine.

          There is the SharedObject class which allows Flash to store some data on the users computer, but it is not a text file and the user cannot choose where it goes. It is very similar to the idea of cookies on webpages. Check the help files (if you have Flash 7 or higher) for how to use it.

          There are some third part tools which may allow you to do this. But it depends upon what exactly you are doing.