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    TabNavigator style

    sobaka11 Level 1
      My application:

      backgroundImage: Embed("image.png");

      <mx:TabNavigator tabStyleName="a1">

      <mx:VBox label="Accounts" width="300" height="150"
      <!-- Accounts view goes here. -->

      <mx:VBox label="Stocks" width="300" height="150">
      <!-- Stocks view goes here. -->

      <mx:VBox label="Futures" width="300" height="150">
      <!-- Futures view goes here. -->


      I want to put in my TabNavigator's tabs background image. Setting -backgroundImage: Embed("image.png");- in tab's style doesn't help. What should I change in my code?
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          I am having the same problem trying to set a background image on my tab style.

          I also noticed, tabStyleName="tabStyle" and selectedTabTextStyleName="selectedTab" both work, however firstTabStyleName="firstTab" and lastTabStyleName="firstTab" don't seem to have any kind of effect on the tabs.

          I tried using background-image: Embed(image.png); and backgroundImage: Embed(image.png) as well as url()s but nothing worked. Has anyone had success applying a background image to Tab Navigator tabs or is this style attribute not working?