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    Need help on a project


      I am working on a contract and need someone with RoboHelp expertise to help me. The options are open, and can include sub-contracting, professional training, or whatever it takes to get the job done. I have some flexibility with the rate.

      Here are the current parameters:

      - I am writing the documentation in FrameMaker 7.2
      - I am saving Frame files in .mif or HTML, but don't know if that's the correct output
      - The application is being developed on AVR.NET, which is a web-based .NET platform for the front end of an AS/400 system
      - I have purchased RoboHelp 5.x, but don't know if I need RoboHelp .NET, and certainly don't know how to use it
      - I am limited (that's putting it mildly) in RoboHelp experience and knowledge
      - I'm not sure why I took this contract, but now that I'm involved I don't see turning back

      If anyone has some time and can work with me, I would be most appreciative.