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    Save Work to File

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      I have an application where students work on a graph drawing directly in
      Flash. They draw the graph with the mouse and I capture it and display it
      using Flash drawing API. I would like to save that drawing (either as data
      or as a graphic) to a file so it could be shown later in another part of the

      Could Flash Paper be used to capture the drawings? Has anyone saved work
      out of Flash such as this to any other graphics format such as JPG?

      I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with this.


      Marc Lee

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          I'd just send thr data to a php (or similar) script and store it in a file or a database. And with that data you could recreate the graph later on.

          Direct saving isn't possible with flash aloen, you could use a third party tool to make a standalone projector/executable that could ad that functionality.
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            I would like to allow users to save changes they make in a .swf file.
            You said third party tools exist for saving modified .swf files.
            I would like the user to be able to open their saved file and continue working on it.
            Just like a regular application allows.

            Do you know the name of those third party tools or if not how I may locate a method to accomplish this?