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    matching caption ids with a list of words ?

    AntiTRUST� Level 1
      I want to make a block list of programs which i dont want to run while my app is running. I need to know how can i make my program able to CLOSE when one or any of the program(from the block list) runs into the memory.

      I think the best method will be to check the Window Captions in a loop, to identify whether a program running or not from my block list. For this, i used the following code:

      software_list=["Network Assistant","Calculator", "Notepad Amir "]
      repeat with i=1 to len
      set WinHandle = baFindWindow( "" , software_list )
      set OK = baCloseWindow( WinHandle )
      baCloseApp( WinHandle )
      end repeat

      But the problem is that these captions can be slightly change. Lets says, one program name is "Soft ABC", now i added this into my "ban list". Now whenever any body will run "Soft ABC" while running my app, my app will close immedialtey. But if i put one more "space" between the "Soft ABC" (so the new name will be "Soft ABC") then this will not work.

      So means to say, this thing is pretty sensitive, so any solution for this?
      Like if i just enter words into my list and if those words matches with the captions of any running application, then my app closes.

      Any idea, how to do??
      Every comment will be highly appreciated.