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    fade outs and next buttons

    rita the reader Level 1
      Hi Folks-

      I have a few questions. I am developing a course with mostly text and images and am stuck on a few things:
      1. Some of the screens seem to fade out before the reader clicks next.
      2. Sometimes the reader has to click next twice before the slide changes
      3. I have copied and pasted text from a word.doc and the line spacing isn't consistent or even throughout, any sugggestions? I am contemplating creating power point slides and importing them to solve this problem. Do you think that would work?

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          If the screen is fading out before the user clicks on an object, then more than likely the object's timing needs to be adjusted so that it will pause the slide before the point at which it begins fading. Try moving the object on the time line closer to the beginning of the slide.

          When you say click Next, what exactly is it that the users are clicking? A click box over text? A button labeled Next? A button on one of the auto playback controls? Each of these can have different issues so it would be helpful to know which you are using. Also, what else is on the slide (Captions, other buttons, click boxes, highlights, etc.)? Combinations of things like this can also create interesting issues at times.

          Could you be more specific as to what you are pasting from Word and how it is formatted? Is the text plain text or is it bulleted for example?
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            rita the reader Level 1
            Hi Steve-

            Thanks for your reply. I did adjust the timing to make everything on the slide remain for one minute. This seems to have eliminated the fade out problem.

            The text copy paste is both plain and formatted text. The Headings are not spacing correctly if it doesn't fit in one line across the text box. Also, with the bulleted text a little square appears before the bullet.

            The next button is a button labeled next that should send the reader to the next page on one click. On some pages, it takes two clicks.

            I really appreciate your help.

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              SShipe Level 1

              Glad to hear that you got the fading to work out with some timing adjustments.

              With respect to copying out of Word, I can't seem to duplicate what you have described. The issue may have something to do with which caption style you are using. May I ask which caption style you have chosen and if you have tried other styles to see if they respond the same?

              As for the button issue, I would check to make sure that there are no other objects on the slide that could be causing it to delay (other buttons, click boxes, or text fields for example.)
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                rita the reader Level 1

                The trouble is when a line of a heading (let's say a heading 2) won't fit across the text box. Captivate adjusts and moves it down a line and this causes uneven spacing.

                The problem with the NEXT button requiring a second mouse click only applies on the first slide of the movie.

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                  Joan, GetThere
                  Hi Rita,

                  Did you figure out why you had to click the NEXT button twice before moving on? I'm having the same issue. This is happening only on the 2nd slide, however it is the first slide that contains a button. My first slide is an intro slide that automatically takes you to the 2nd slide where my first buttons (Continue and Next) reside. Users have to click either button twice to jump to the appropriate slide. This slide is 5 seconds in length, contains an image that is setup for the "rest of slide", a text caption setup for the "rest of slide" and the two buttons. The Continue button is set to jump to slide 3, it's to display for the rest of slide, pause after 5 seconds, and stop audio when clicked. The Next button is set to jump to slide 60, it's to display for the rest of slide, no pause setup, and stop audio when clicked is checked. The following slides containing these same buttons are setup the exact same way but I'm not having any issues.

                  Curious if you were able to get this resolved.

                  Thank you,

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi Joan and welcome to our community


                    1. Does this only happen in Internet Explorer (IE) or does it happen in all browsers?

                    2. If it only happens in IE, for the movies that are exhibiting this behavior, have you simply tried hovering the mouse over the movie before trying to click the button? If so, so you see a little yellow "tooltip" appear that says something to the effect of "Click to activate and use this control"?

                    If this is the case, it's a result of a change in behavior that Microsoft was forced to make to the way IE handles content such as Flash files. Again, if this is the case, the first click "activates" the control. (basically patting Internet Explorer on the head and telling it that the world will, in fact, NOT come to a fiery end if it shows you the active content). Subsequent clicks should be interpreted as they should be until a different movie is loaded up. Then things start over.

                    Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                      Joan, GetThere Level 1

                      Thank you!!! That is exactly what happens. I did hover my mouse over the movie and received the tooltip when in IE. I did test the movie in another browser and did not have this issue.

                      I have been going crazy looking through my settings trying to figure out what was up. Thanks again for the help.