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    Creating Proxy Concave Meshes through Director

    Roofy Level 1
      Hi there all,
      For the last couple of months, I have been playing arround with Director to see what my options are for building a racing car game in Direcrtor. I have in the past read some tutorials using Plasma, and its prebuilt Havok extra plugin. Additionally, in the past I have learned that in Plasma you can choose different types of Simulation Geomtry which specifies how the rigidBody simulation is detected which are as followed...

      Bounding Box
      Bounding Sphere
      Mesh Convex Hull
      Proxy Convex Hull
      Concave Mesh
      Proxy Concave Mesh
      Not Shared

      In addition, if you choose Proxy concave mesh, then you have a choice of picking another lower polygon version of a 3d mesh object as the simuation detection and yet keep your more complexed object for display purposes. However, my question is this... Lets say I did not want to use Plasma, and decided to use Maya which does not include Havok. Doing so, means that I would have to hard code all of the Havok stuff in Director. So if I was going that route then, how do you create a movable rigid body, such as a chassis, that includes a Proxy Concave Mesh as for the simulation geometry?

      when I looked at the Havok reference pdf file, it only shows that you have a choice of telling makeMovableRigidBody to be Convex or Concave, but nowhere does it state where I can add my proxy 3d object.