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    swf file takes for ages to generate

      I have a large interactive *.fla file heavy coded using UI components. I
      created it in Flash 6 MX and also work on it in Flash 7 MX. It worked
      fine until I decided to add another element which involved extra coding.
      I basically added a pop-up window with a close button on it. At this
      point when I start to generate an *.SWF file it takes ten minutes to
      generate it and grows very large 2-40mb before it finishes. However by
      the time it finishes it shrinks down to it's normal size which is 248 KB.

      Now I will describe my file a little bit. My file has ten scenes, four
      of them are major scenes that contain up to thirteen frames full of
      code. The question is I don't understand whether by adding this extra
      element with the code I am exceeding some built in limitation of Flash
      that I am unaware. I also tried to take one major scene and work with it
      but by the time I added that element it again started to do the same
      thing. My suspicion is the problem is with the layers because I'm using
      an extra layer to add that pop-up window.