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    Importing pictures

    450223 Level 1
      How do I place two or more pictures. What ever I do one picture spans the whole time line... even if I place a second picture on a second layer.... further along the timeline, I'm tearing out what little hair I have left. Can't find anything in the help files that directly relate to wht I'm trying to do!
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          octav20xx Level 1
          you maybe don't use a keyframe

          be carefull that the layer must have a keyframe where you should put your picture
          keyframe - something like a circle into a rectangle, u know ...

          about the import, File-Import ...
          about dynamic import - clip.loadMovie("imageSource.jpg");
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            450223 Level 1
            Many thanks for your reply I have managed to do a test with one picture. But still can't see what to do to add a second or third, on the same timeline or adding timelines?