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    Indian Languages Scripts in Unicode

      Hi All,

      I am likely to kick start a large software development project on Flash platform in Indian Languages like Marathi, Hindi.

      I was trying to gather as much information on this subject as I can. I tried one simple task of writing my name and friends name in flash document. It is strange, but it appears that even though Flash documentation says that Flash is compatible with Unicode it is not able to show Indian Languages particularly Marathi and Hindi correctly. I am not aware about other Indian Languages like Malayalam and Kannad The spacing between characters go haywire and it makes changes in the actual script. I could write the same thing on Notepad very well using Unicode.

      I tried with Non-Unicode fonts and it appears better and acceptable though not 100% correct. This is going to pose a huge problem.

      I can send both the files along with fonts to anybody who can help me in this matter.

      I will appreciate any help in this matter.



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          Rothrock Level 5
          You aren't going to find much good news. Sorry to say. Flash can import and show Hindi (and I'm guessing Marathi) correctly, kind of. The problem is that you can't embed the fonts – you have to count on the end user having unicode support and the font for the language installed on their end. Most modern systems will have this installed and it should work, but of course the windows Devanagari font is different than the Mac font. The whole issue is very similar to the early years of HTML design where you really couldn't count on fonts laying out exactly as the designer would wish.

          To do it, you will need to create all your text as external text/XML files and save them as UTF-8 format. You then load them dynamically using either the LoadVars or XML classes.

          The final step of the problem is that Flash doesn't know how to break lines of unicode text. Instead of breaking at spaces, it will just break it at whatever character it feels like. So you will need to make some code that figures how long each new word will make the line and break the text when it is long enough.

          Other than that it works a tread. :)

          Here is my attempt. www.saffronthread.com/HindiVideo

          Of course this is all about Flash 7, I haven't done much in Flash 8. Also I don't know how it will change with Flash 9 and Adobe ownership. However no other Adobe products seem to support Hindi either so I'm not very hopeful for anything improving in that area.