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    Placement of .class files

      I am trying to run that contact samples app that you can download and run and follow the walkthrough instructions. Problem is I am getting a compile error, because the line:

      import samples.contact.Contact; says it cannot find that java class.

      I am running apache tomcat 5.5 and I got another FLEX/POJO java app working before. That java piece which used the destinations setup in remoting-config.xml had those java classes in:

      C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\flex\WEB-INF\classes

      I placed these new java classes, following the package structure into that same directory and with my new FDS project they dont work. I get an error.

      I have tried putting the files into a folder in the project and that does not work either. And the documentation is pretty pathetic, when discussing the samples apps.

      Any guidance would be helpful.