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    Will this actually work?

      Hi folks...

      So...Let me explain what I am trying to do and maybe some of you nice people can point me in the right direction or present some code examples etc.

      I am an intermediate Flasher but have never really done anything too hardcore....Here goes.

      I have an html file(or maybe it's flash depending on what's easier) with 5 radio lists in a form. Each of the lists have post variables that consist of say, option1a,b,c etc... option2a,b,c etc.

      Once you have checked each option and submit I want to post those variables to an XML file.

      NOW STEP 2....

      I create a flash file with 5 empty movie clips named box1,box2,box3 etc.

      I create individual LoadMovie actions which dynamically get the name of the .swf file they need to load in each box by calling the variables from the xml file.


      Does this make sense to anyone? Is it POSSIBLE? Any help getting started, solving code theory/logic, or good will towards me in general would be MOST appreciated!