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    change locZ


      Would be really thankful if anyone could answer this easy question. On my stage I have a shockwave scene and a imported flash movie. I want the flash movie to appear over (in front) of the shockwave scene. I have tried to change the LocZ to higher than the shockwave one, and even moved it manually in the score but it does appear in front. How could you solve this?


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          JustStupid Level 1
          Been doing some testing and it seems a shockwave scene cannot be placed under anything??? Surely there must be some way of having spirites appear above it???
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            Level 7
            You need to set the directToStage of the member to FALSE. However, when
            you do so you will probably force the SW3D sprite into #software and
            performance will drop. Can you not create an overlay inside the scene?
            Is the Flash sprite interactive?
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              JustStupid Level 1
              Yeah the shockwave scene is too complex nearly 45k visible polygons to be DTS and would perfer it to be hardware rendered. Its one of those things I haven't come across yet. Yes the Flash movie has movie clips in so its interactive, it actually works if I turn off the DTS and the flash is set to DTS. But I think I might just have to resize my screen screen from 800*600 to 1024*768 and fit it in there. Unless anyone has any other ideas?