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    Damon Edwards Level 3
      what should someone expect to be paid hourly to do flash web design?
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          derobinson Level 1
          That would depend on your experience, your talent, the scope of the work, your desperation-level, your aspirations, your region, etc, etc. Always a very difficult question to answer because its so localized to the environment and the person. Try looking around your area to see what others are charging. Hourly charges are not always available though. Larger shops will job for a job, not by the hour.

          Lastly, visit your local mega-bookstore. Both the AIGA and the Graphic Arts Guild publish books recommending fee structures as well as having hints and tips on how to determine what you yourself might charge.

          Good luck!
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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            just wondering cause i just started at this company, have less than a year of experiance, but ive already provin myself to them, and built 5 sites for their clients... all their clients loved the sites, and they are supprised im doing so well. they say im a "blessing" to them. around here starting out, less than year experiance, makes 16-19 hour... i started out job by job, but they want me on hourly, and want to give me 10 an hour! i happen to know their secretary makes 11!! do you think thats unreasonable??
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              "Proven" yourself is a loose term. Just because your boss/client likes what you've done doesn't mean you are a proven Flash designer. So many of my clients think I'm god because I use font other than freakin Times.

              How old are you? Because $20,800 per year is mighty low unless you just graduated. If that's the case you may have to do what we all have done and work your way up. Don't get caught up thinking you deserve more than you're making. Truely prove yourself. It may not be an option, but have you thought of being self-employed. Working for the man is never going to pay as much as being your own boss. Case in point... Most design firms or agencies will charge in excess of $100 per hour for their services. These are the same services that you would do if you were on your own. My standard rate is $50 per hour and clients love it because they get the same results for half the price or better.

              Just a few thoughts. Don't get discouraged!