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    Wrap C++

      Can Director open and run a C++ application? When the .exe or .dcr file is open, it look like its Director but its actually running the C++ application; a wrapper of some sort. Let me know if you need more information.
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          Lukewig Level 1

          Director and Projectors can open and run other applications via various Xtras such as BuddyAPI.

          Shockwave (the playback engine for shockwave files) is in a secure sandbox - it cannot interact with the user's system.

          Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand the rest of your question... do you want to run a custom app in windowless frame over a projector's stage (so that they looked like they were a director sprite), or perhaps run windowless applications helping Director? If so - the openning of apps and interacting with windows is pretty straightforward with BuddyAPI. Communicating between Projectors and another app can be a bit trickier...
          -- Luke
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            Minds Eye Level 1
            We do this a lot.
            We create the 3D / graphically intensive front end in Director and the number-crunching stuff (which gets slow in Lingo) we create in C++ and expose it as a DLL.
            We then call the functions in the DLL using our own DLLBinder Pro :

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              actionscriptblog.net Level 1
              here's the our problem, a client stolen code from our C++ games and selling them as their own. they made a graphical change here and there and changed some of the programming but not enough for us not to notice the similaries. they are saying that they've developed these games in Director but our team believes they simply found a way to 'wrap' the games using Director.

              @ Lukewig: thanks for the info. i hope the above explains my question more.

              @ The Minds Eye: to confirm, youre final product is a Projector file not a Shockwave file.
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                To confirm, the Minds Eye DllBinder & DllBinderPro XTRAs are NOT shockwave enabled. They will only work within projectors.

                Nevertheless, someone definitely could write their own shockwave enabled script XTRA wrapper for your C++ (DLL lib?) and then call into its exports from lingo. If this is what you think might be happening, you should be able to verify this for sure because your C++ DLL will have to be streamed down to the client platform in order for the shockwave app to play.
                happy hunting..