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    asp or xml?


      I'm creating a flash based web site. For communication with DB I'm using asp. When is better to use direct communication between flash and asp and when is better to use xml (it's created by asp) to communicate with flash?

      THX for your help
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          I generally prefer not to format the data to xml and then parse it again inside flash - but to use simple strings, at least for less complex (pieces of) data.

          The amount of code (and thus processing) is reduced, and also you have to transmit less data.
          If I use XML than it is mostly to store the data in a structured way, which in your case you already have with the DB.

          There are resons to use XML even with a db, for example if you want to/can use the XML to provide a non-Flash version (SGML) or if the data is complex (multidimensional).

          I'm not an "expert" on the topic though, it's just the way I do it.