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    Loading background image onMouseOver, etc.

      I'm try to solve this problem, but it seems too dificult for me... So, any help or clue are welcome!

      Let me decsribe it!

      I have movie that has two different images... When the movie is loaded and reach the end, I have large button that onMouseOver effect has new image (smiling girl).

      The problem is that I want her to smile all the time while the mouse is over animation. That should includes the case when someone trys to type something and finally press small button to submit data. But when mouse cursor is not rolling over she should stop smiling...

      The problem is that it's simple to have her smiling in every other case, but when the event as described occurs, she stop simling..

      I try several solutions that came up in my head, such as attachMovie, createEmptyClip, different depths, rollOver/out etc, but it seems that I haven't bright idea what i should do i order to get the expected result.

      So, please help me! It's pretty urgent...

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          DazFaz Level 1
          Crude but works:

          var mouseListener:Object = new Object();
          mouseListener.onMouseMove = function() {
          if(_root._xmouse>_root.myArea._x&&_root._xmouse<Number(_root.myArea._x+_root.myArea._widt h)){
          var clearListener:Object = new Object();
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            MMandela Level 1
            Well, it sound as a good solution to use 'listener'...

            But I'm too unexperienced in AS to quite understand what should I do with the code you provided.

            I would be very thankful if you take your time to explain me more detailed what I should do.

            I also upload .fla and .swf file on www.startcafe.info/flash.

            Thanks in advance!!!

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              MMandela Level 1
              I figure it out... I use code based on your sample....

              on (rollOver) {
              on (rollOut) {

              if (
              (_root._xmouse>Number(this._width-286) && _root._xmouse<Number(this._width-20))
              (_root._ymouse>Number(this._height-150) && _root._ymouse<Number(this._height-5))) {
              } else {

              on (release) {
              getURL(" http://www.mysite.com", "_self");