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    Flash file won't loop

      Importing a bit of video into a Director MX 2004 project on a Mac running 10.4.something with the latest version of QT, I've run into an odd problem. The check-off box for looping the swf video is checked, but the video ignores it and quits at the end of the file. I just want to have a spinning globe appear on the opening screen and stay there until the user goes to another marker. It should be stone simple.

      I tried downloading the latest patch to take version 10.1 to ver. 10.1.1, but even when I install them using the Shockwave installer, it opens as 10.1 again, so there's another problem. The actual link to the download that will upgrade MX 2004 is a developer upgrade but I can't find a general upgrade. maybe that's the problem. Of maybe it's trying to develop on a Mac.

      Any ideas out there?

      Steve W.