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    Resizing Application when adding child controls?


      My name's Marcus and posting a question here since I'm pretty new when it comes to Adobe Flex 2.

      I'm thinking about creating a Flex voting appplication but I've run into a problem. Perhaps it's not solveable or it's a piece of cake.

      The application will consist of a question, followed by radiobuttons, which is then followed by a single button. Presentaion with charts and stuff we can skip here. What I wonder is the following:

      - I want to be able to add as many choices (=radiobuttons) as possible, and when doing so having the Flex Application resize itself. Is it doable? Don't want to fix the height of the Application cause then I'm also limited to only adding 3-4 radio button choices.

      Hope you understand what I mean, and thanks in advance for answers to my problem!