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    PDF Keeps Focus Till Closed

      I launch my site to a full window lacking any browser navigation. Let's call this window the "main window". I do this to control how the site is navigated. I use the javascript popup window code with no problems. I now need to do a link to a PDF document on another website, and I don't want the main window to close. I can easily create this link by using the getURL and opening the PDF in its own window (_blank). However, if a viewer clicks anywhere outside the PDF, then the PDF loses focus and goes behind my main window. They would have to know how to use the alt + tab to view the PDF which will NEVER happen with my viewers nor do I want them to have to do this.

      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://web03.fahc.org/xpedio/groups/public/documents/fapolicy/anes2.pdf", "_blank");

      Is there a way to get the PDF to keep the focus until the viewer closes the PDF?