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    Intel Mac crashes

      When I try to edit my company web site Contribute crashes when it is loading a draft or a new page based on the existing page. I have Contribute 3.11. iMac 1.5GB RAM.

      Can anyone point me to a solution?
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          Contribute 3.11 is not a universal binary and it does not claim to support Intel Macs.
          It runs using rosetta when ran on an intel mac. Not sure if there are any incompatible issues.
          You may want to stay tuned for next release where it is Universal Binary compliant.

          Is this problem specific to a page or is it happening for all the pages.

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            Goldtouchinc Level 1
            I have solved the problem thanks to Adobe's tech support.

            I had to delete the folders as follows.
            user/library/application support/macromedia/contribute2 (mine was an upgrade and this had to be deleted too for it to work)
            user/library/application support/macromedia/contribute3
            user/library/preferences/contribute3 preferences.

            Now Contribute runs just fine on my Intel iMac.