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    SES URL without referencing .cfm file

      I have a site that calls images dynamicly by passing the imgaes FileID and outputting the image content as
      <cfcontent type="image/png; charset=8859_1">

      The URL string for the image would look something like this:
      <img src=" http://mysite.com/files/image.cfm?FILEID=232">

      Im finding that my users are trying to reference these images for posting on their myspace pages, but myspace obviously does not allow the dynamic image, or even a call to a .cfm page.

      I can clean this up a little with SES URLS, but this still leaves me with the following:
      <img src=" http://mysite.com/files/image.cfm/FILEID/232">

      and since its referencing .cfm, myspace still does not allow the image.

      Is there any way to call this image safely, and still dynamicly?