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    Tips on reading data into flash from an xml file please?!

      hi guys

      I'm reading in nodes from an xml file into flash.
      A node can consist of html code and various subnodes

      here is an example

      <p>once upon a time there was a<b>bear</b></p>
      <p>this bear was <i>huge</i></p>

      I need to read this data into flash and then make it editable, in a visible format.
      Can anyone give me a few tips on how to read in this data into textfields.

      Particular problems i'm having include once i've read in the node above for example, how do i display the text in a textarea with the html code working e.g. showing bold, and how do i extract out the <smallimage> node and run a loadMovie command to display the .jpeg.

      Any suggestions, tips and ideas would be really appreciated :-)

      Many thanks for any responses.