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    PintDataGrid rendering problem

    Giuseppe Muccioli
      Hello to everybody.
      I'm using a PrintDataGrid componento to print a report (like description, quantity, price ...) with a unknow number of page (it depend on the number of rows and on the length of the description in a single row. The description may also contain carriage return character).
      I'm using the validNextPage and addPage methods of this component (great!) to paginate the output.
      All works very well.
      But just in some cases the printed output of some row are wrong, i.e. the last row of the description text (automatically calculated because wordWrap are true or manually set by a carriage return. Also variableRowHeight are ture) doesn't appears.
      This it's not random: the same row in every print it's incorrect!
      There are not strange characters in the text and apparently non reason to do this.
      I've tried to edit this text (adding some CR at the end, rewriting text ecc.) but without seccess.
      But it's not all: the most strange think it'sm that if I print in a PDF file (I'm using flashpaper to test) alle the output are correct!!!!
      I've tried with a large number of printer ... nothing!
      Can someone please help me (if can read my tremendous english :-)
      Thanks in advance

      PS: I'm using Flex 2 as an eclipse plug-in; windows xp;