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    CellRenderer + DataGrid + rollOverItem Event

    Jim_W Level 1
      Hello all,

      I have a custom cellRenderer with a custom button in it. I would like to trigger the DataGrid rollOverItem event when the user rolls over the button. I haven't been able to find anyting on this topic, nor have I been able to figure out a way to use the DispatchManager to achieve this.

      Has anyone dealt with this before, or have a method for solving this?
      Thanks to anyone with input.

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          ufitzi Level 1
          Have you seen the CheckBox CellRenderer example here:?

          Aren't they triggering DataGrid events when the user selects one of the checkboxes?
          I didn't look at it in depth, but if you haven't downloaded the .AS file check it out (no pun intended), I think it would lead you to the answer.

          Otherwise, try starting out by invoking a custom function defined on _root, just as a test to "get out" of the button, then work your way down from there, using the reference to your DataGrid component.

          Also, make sure you don't have any other onRollOver/Out methods defined on the DG component, as I believe any methods attached to the button would not trigger.
          Again, make sure you are firing a onRollOver event by using the _root.function() call, so you cn maintain your sanity!
          Good luck,

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            Jim_W Level 1
            Thanks ufitzi, but I've already looked at that before.
            The problem, if you check it out, is that when you rollover the checkbox, the item's row doesn't highlight as it does when you roll over the row normally.
            I have a DataGrid with several buttons to view details, delete, upload, etc. but I want the user to know which item they're going to affect once they click.

            I know this is a minor point I'm trying to solve, but I think it would be a nice touch.

            Thanks again.
            I'd still like to hear if anyone else knows how to do this.
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              ufitzi Level 1
              Could you create some sort of custom rollover effect?
              Attach a transparent MC that looks like the rollover graphic for your DG?
              It's kind of hack, but it might save you some time in the long run.

              Are you getting any event triggered at all?

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                Jim_W Level 1
                I can live without it for now. But thanks for your thought. I appreciate it.