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    Flash Rollover Button....... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hey all,

      Here’s the problem, I’ve got a flash project due at the end of the month and I’ve been trying desperately to make a rollover button. The button is supposed to on rollover cause text ‘Home’ to slide out from underneath a graphic and on rollout retract back to its original position. I’ve tried everything within my ability, although my flash skills are extremely limited. I’ve tried forums, tutorials, asking my teacher… but what I find to be unbelievable is the fact that I’m expected to produce a flash product yet my teachers don’t even know what they are teaching. I literally have exhausted all of my resources and now I’m getting extremely worried as the deadline is soon to come. Please can some one give me a guide, step by step process to making this? Any help will a huge help. I’ve linked a image to try and illustrate what I want the button to do: