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    Using embedded SWF, get a white flash when its to play

      We develop e-Learning content using swf files embedded in DCRs. We have started noticing a problem with the new Shockwave player 10.1+ in that there is a noticable flicker or white flash before the swf plays or is told to move on.
      Has anyone had a similar problem? Does anyone know a solution?
      We are using Director 8.5 and Flash 8.0. files published for Flash Player 5.0.

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          sicowan Level 1
          Well dont all fall over each other trying to post a possible solution ;-).

          Seems that we found the problem. We use shared script libraries (cst & cct). It appears that there is a line in our lingo code that sets the flash sprite cast member automatically direct to stage. Shockwave player 10.1 + does not seem to like this on standard speed machines and causes a flickering border around the flash animations, which is really noticable. The line of code reads as so:

          sprite(channelNo).directToStage = true

          We simply commented this out and the page functions fine. Incedently, if I manually set the flash cast member as direct to stage, we get the same issue, only more exagerated. This must be a bug in the 10.1+ player as we don't get the issue at all on machines running the 8.5 player.