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    Help with printing non-visible datagrid

    ReLLiK75 Level 1
      I posted this over on the Flex Coders forum (yahoo groups) and got a little help, but I need a little bit more and I'm hoping someone here may know the answer. Basically, I have a class that extends Sprite. In the class, I create an array of Sprites containing datagrids. When I try to initiate a PrintJob, I get blank pages. I've tried explicitly setting the height/width of the sprite class, the sprites containing in the array, and the datagrid, but nothing works. When I check the properties in the debugger, the height/width for the sprites all show 0 while the height/width of the datagrid shows what i set it to.

      Does anyone have any ideas what may cause this or how to get around it. Other thing that was suggested was to use the callLater method, but I guess since I'm extending a Sprite in my custom class, the callLater method is not available.

      Any help to get the data contained in my datagrids visible in the printed output would be greatly appreciated!!!