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    .exe file will not open local .htm using getURL

      Silly, but a big problem as I am in a crunch.... Have an .exe file that will run on a CD, that is the main movie. That main movie .exe calls other .swf's into a target. Inside of the .swf's are buttons that call local .htm files and for some reason getURL does not work!!! When I click the button wiht the getURL script, a browser window opens that is blank.

      I have searched the forums and the web and can't et an answer as to why. I have not worked with .exe files for a while... usually do all my development on the web. What am I doing wrong?
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          derobinson Level 1
          Sounds like its just a path problem. Paths need to be relative to the main movie (not the secondary SWF that holds the button). So if you have a main movie at the top directory level and your secondary SWF and HTML files are in a subdirectory, you might think that the getURL would refer to the HTML file directly. But when the secondary SWF is called up into the main SWF, the path actually needs to include the sub-directory name itself as well as the file...as if the button were in the main SWF all along.

          Just guessing as to your directory structure and such, but that's where I'd start looking.

          Good luck!
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            raznov Level 1
            Actually, I figured it out based on this post....although I am on PC not MAC as stated in this post.

            All of my files are in the same directory, the path I am using is correct. The problem is that I use Firefox as my default browser and apparently that is what is causing the probelem based on that post which explains that Firefox ads http:// to my relative link, there is a workaround that is very complicated if you ask me. But I did what it said and all is working fine.. Very annoying.. I wonder is there a way to alert Adobe to this issue??? The amount of time I spent trying to figure this issue out is ridiculous