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    Taking a lot of time to load a variable from PHP

      Pls some one help me ... thanks
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          testNissar Level 1

          Hi, I am a flash action script programmer. I have a big problem that dynamic variables are not loading into my flash site and showing "undefind undefined" instead on "firstname lastname". Please any one can help me to solve this problem.

          Here is the description about my problem:

          I used "loadVariabledNum()" function to load the variable. Using Flash 8 for programming. In frame 15, I write the code as follows:

          loadVariablesNum(" http://mysite.com/php/who_is_user.php", 0, "GET");

          There is a dynamic text field in frame 284, where I wrote the code for reading the variable:

          fulname=_level0.enr_f_name+" "+_level0.enr_l_name;

          When I tested in flash itselt, it loads the variable quickly and shown correct values in the fields.
          But, when uploaded and tested, I got "undefied", when I refreshed the same window and loaded again, it loaded. So, I understood the problem is taking a lot of time for getting the result.
          .... I tried loadVars object also. but got the same result.

          But, please note, there is 270 frames for loading the variable, that will get 10 to 12 seconds for loading the variable?
          Also, why no problem, when I tried from FLASH itself.

          I also tried the URL from the browser, and I get the result with in 3 seconds...?

          I had used this same way for loading variable many times, but I didn't get any problem like this yet.

          Please advice. I am really in trouble now. :

          Many thanks..

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            Nalinda Bandara Level 1
            fulname= escape(_level0.enr_f_name+" "+_level0.enr_l_name);

            iam not sure just try, anyway iam usely get and send datas treat php like a xml, ex:-
            var regiXml:XML = new XML;
            regiXml.ignoreWhite = true;
            regiXml.load("handle_create_user.php?username=" +escape(mailFullName) + "&password=" + escape(mailpsword) + "&email=" + escape(mailEmail));