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    MovieClipLoader - end of play flag

      Hello all,

      I am making a movie slideshow viewer with sound. I would like the functionality to be similar to a self-playing still image slide viewer, but with each "movie slide" being a small SWF movie with sound. Each of these individual "movie slides" varies in length (time).

      My plan was/is to create a "master.swf" which uses the MovieClipLoader class to load in each of the individual "movie slide" SWFs (which would be named "slave_0.swf", "slave_1.swf", "slave_2.swf" etc...). The problem with this method is that I do not know how to have my loaded SWF movie slide (slaves) "tell" the "master.swf" file that, ok, I have loaded and played my entire timeline, so it's ok to load up the next slave. Is there a nice way to have the slave (loaded via MCL) tell its master that it has finished playing its timeline and that the master now needs to bring in the next slave?

      Or, is it better to stream all of my SWF's into FLV files and use a NetStream class?

      Any info would be very much appreciated.