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    Problem with UIScrollBar

    Josh_Pratt Level 1
      I've used this many times in the same exact fashion, but I've never run into this problem:

      I've got a movieclip on which there is this code:
      onClipEvent(load) {
      loadVariables("content.txt", this);

      onClipEvent(data) {

      In that movieclip:
      - there's a stop(); on the actions layer on frames 1 and 2
      - there's a dynamic text box with the UIScrollBar attached onto it on the 2nd frame

      This works for me every other time I've tried it, but now I'm getting a funky problem, which is this:
      It displays all the text correctly, however, when I go to scroll it, it looks like the text was loaded in twice, because the text scrolls, but also there is a copy that stays put. I've checked multiple times to make sure that I didn't have doubles of the dynamic text field... I just can't seem to fix it. Any ideas?