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    createTextField covers up invisble buttons

      I have invisible nav buttons created in the authoring environment, that navigate to a particular frame. When I use MovieClip.createTextField to put text names to where the buttons are, the button function is lost. It seems that script-created text covers up the buttons, I just can't get to them. I've tried changing the depth but have not been successful.

      My project has background movie clips that I make visible or not, depending on user actions. The text that "names" those areas needs to change color according to the background so it can be seen; e.g., white text over a black clip, black text over a yellow clip, and red text over a white clip. I have tried making this text into movie clips but it seems to crash the computer. And I have tried colorTransform on movie clips text and that works, except when the user goes to a previous frame when all color transforms are lost. Can you susggest a better way to do this, that is, permanently change text color, depending on user responses?