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    Cursor Focus

    Ricky@Award Level 1
      I am having a problem with Flash MX 2004 and how it is focusing on a button.

      The software i have built is an examination with text boxes and buttons on the same page. The software is working fine and have been for over a year. I decided to to make the text boxes selectable so the text can be copied. When i change the text boxes to selectable thats when everything went wrong.

      The buttons on the page that have to be clicked often seemed to stop working every now and again.

      I'd be clicking the next button flicking through the questions and it would stop clicking. While clicking the cursor has not moved just stayed still over the button. I had a Flash expert look at it and he didn't have an answer, but said he thinks it's something to do with Flash focus.

      The fact that there is text on the page, and that the cursor is not moving, flash focuses on the text and forgets that it is on a button. As soon as you move the mouse a tiny bit, it starts to work again.

      Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this one?