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    accelerating linear animations

      hi all,

      I have an graphic symbol "X" containing many instances of the animation "Y" chained several times behind each other. To make it simple, let's imagine the animation "Y" is a circle growing and shrinking back to it's original size. What I want is have the pulsing speed of the circle speed up over time.

      I know I can achieve thisby taking the animation "Y" layout but reducing the amout of frames the animation has to play. Steady Framerate + decreasing frames = accelerated animation. Unfortunately, for the animation I'm trying to create, this "handmade" approach is not an option.

      Is there a way to change the speed of the animation "Y" at various stages of the animation "X"? I'm looking for something similar to the Custom Ease In / Out option for tweens. But in this case I'd be changing the "density" of frames at various points in the animation "X". Basically, the beginning would be 30fps and the end of the animation would be 10fps, therefore slower in the beginning and getting faster towards the end.

      So what I want is to accelerate a linear animation?!

      Anyone got a hint? Or is it all confusing, and I'm trying to defy the very way how Flash works?

      Oh, before I forget. AS is a no-go, since I'm exporting to Quicktime video.