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    Conditional text

      I have figured out how to configure my topics for limited out put but how do I limit access for the index and search? Simply put, when I generate my condensed webhelp pro x5 output, users can still access 'hidden' topics via the index and search. How can I prevent this?

      More info...I am creating a help file which will be embedded in an app based on user permissions. How do I or my developers make the help file accessible based on persmissions as well?
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          Did you ever get an answer to your limiting index search outputs by permissions? I need an answer to the same question?
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            susan@work Level 1
            Nope. Seems we're the only genius' in this dept:-)
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi all

              When you say "Configure for limited output", are you referring to using Conditional Build Tags? If so, this would seem a bit on the odd side. Why? Well, if a topic has been excluded via a build tag and that topic is part of the TOC or Index, the TOC or Index link should be removed as a result.

              However, you also mention WebHelp Pro. Are you really using WebHelp Pro with the RoboEngine?

              I do know that when using the normal publishing features available with generic WebHelp, that the process will never delete files. This means that if you published at some point in time and that topic is later removed from the project (either by deleting it outright or by using build tags and a build expression, it will remain on the server. So I'm guessing that this is happening. It's not really part of the project in this case, but the RoboEngine search mechanism is still finding it, right?

              If this is the case, you will need to manually remove the topic from the server.

              If I've missed the mark here, let me know and I'll try to do better.

              Cheers... Rick
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                susan@work Level 1
                "Configure for limited output", yes, I mean Conditional Build tags.

                I am not using RE, only WebHelp Pro.

                So, based on your answer, if I have already created my project with a TOC and Index, and then decide to generate only a portion of it using the Conditional Build tags, then I have to redo the index in order to remove the topics? That doesn't seem right. And this is a project that I have not yet placed on the server. I am working locally via my desktop.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi Susan

                  First things first I suppose. Please bear with me. You said: I am not using RE, only WebHelp Pro.. From what I'm reading, I'm inferring that you don't understand what WebHelp Pro is all about. So perhaps it will help if you follow the link below and see what it says.

                  Click here to read the article

                  What I had hoped to convey (and it appears I failed to, so I do offer my sincere apologies) is that if you have a topic linked to an Index term or a Table of Contents entry, then apply a build tag to the topic so it isn't included in the output, that topic is gone and should be found nowhere among the output files. Assuming, of course, that the build tag and build expression properly did their jobs. When topics are removed in this manner, they also normally disappear from the Table of Contents and the Index. You shouldn't have to do anything other than use the proper mix of build tags and build expressions.

                  Now some folks want to keep topics in place and vary the TOC and Index terms based on the build. You can do that with a bit of creative use of build tags, build expressions and something called "redirect" topics. For more on this technique, click here

                  I suppose if you are still somehow seeing the unwanted content, something is obviously failiing with this. It's now a matter of determining exactly what is failing.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    susan@work Level 1
                    can I say I love you??? :-) I found EXACLTY what I need in your two referenced articles. The solution to my problem is the redirect page.

                    I bow to thee.
                    And thanks so much!