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    Jrun4 and CF 7.0.2 / Flex 1.5 Merged Environment

      We've been cruising along for a while now using CF MX7 and Flex 1.5 in a merged application environment. Now that 7.0.2 is out and has been promoted by Adobe to be installed by all CF customers, I can't get a good merged web.xml file to work.

      When I take the new one, unedited, my MXML code is displayed in the browser even when bypassing the web connector by using the Jrun port for the default app in the URL.

      When I try to merge the Flex 1.5 settings into the new web.xml, NOTHING (no CFM, XML, nada) renders.

      If anyone has a merged web.xml file out there and you're willing to share I'd be much appreciative. I haven't had much luck w/ Adobe tech support - most don't even understand what a merged environment is.