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    Conditional Build Project - Need Help Please!

    maniac9999 Level 1

      A colleague of mine has a project with conditional builds (RH Office X5, WebHelp). When she built it two weeks ago, everything seemed fine. She came back from vacation, tried to regenerate the layouts, and in each conditional build, the Table of Contents and Index are MISSING entirely. I checked to see if somehow the start page was blocked from the build, and it wasn't. I then checked to see if the first folder and linked topic in the TOC was also accidentally excluded from the build - it wasn't. Finally, we copied the project and as a test, we deleted the TOC entirely, then did "Auto-create TOC", then regenerated one of the layouts. But again, both the TOC and Index were missing. In the layout properties, I made sure the Contents, Index, and Search toolbar buttons are checked.

      Is this related to Conditional Builds - is there a limit to the number of CB expressions that can be defined? Each one of the 7 different builds probably has a combination of 10 or so different CB expressions?

      Is this possibly a corrupted project that might need to be rebuilt? Would I do it using the CPD file?

      Thanks for your help.

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Jim

          No limits to my knowledge on the number of layouts. However a limit DOES exist with the build expression itself. I think it's somewhere around 255 characters or so.

          So you are saying if the project is generated (I believe you did say she is creating WebHelp) that a TOC and Index are both present and functional? But if any conditional output is produced, no TOC or Index? Am I understanding this correctly?

          If the project generates and works fine with no conditional builds in the picture, I'm going to crawl way out here on this shaky little limb and say that the project itself isn't likely to be corrupt. I'm going to speculate it absolutely has something to do with either the build expression, the build tags, combination of the two or possibly the output location.

          Cheers... Rick
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            maniac9999 Level 1

            I just got back to the office and my colleague told me that when she viewed it on another PC, it was fine, so we're thinking it might be a corrupt install. She's going to get RH reinstalled and see what happens.

            Thanks anyway - I still appreciate the help.