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    FDS and Hibernate dynamic mapping

      I am using FDS with hibernate (flex.data.assemblers.HibernateAssembler) to transfer data between the flex client and my JDBC database. This works really smooth, as long as I specify a server-side java class (POJO) in the <hibernate-mapping><class name="some.class"> attribute.

      As I dont really need these server-side java classes for anything else, I have tried to save some work by using the hibernate "dynamic-map" mode (<hibernate-mapping><class entity-name="some.entity">). But in this case, FDS does not map the result to the corresponding flex ActionScript class with the correct RemoteClass alias. The DataService "fill" method returns an ArrayCollection of "ManagedObjectProxy" items containing the field "$type$=some.entity" instead.

      Does FDS support hibernate dynamic mapping? Is there a workaround for this problem?