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    Recording without installing captivate


      I'm working for a big customer that has a very restricted environment regarding security. It is very complicated and time consuming to install captivate in the PC that has access to the application we have to capture (We have to ask IT department, etc...).

      Additionally every time I need to capture screens from a different application I have to reinstall everything again because we have to use a different PC.

      Anyone can help me and tell me if there is any way to run captivate capture functionality (or any other application) from a CD without installing anything in the PC?.

      Thanks in advance.

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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello Xavier,

          No, sorry. Because Captivate includes files that have be written to the Windows registry, I don't think that there is any way that you can run Captivate directly off a CD. I've used many screen capture programs in the past and never managed to find one that I can use in this manner.

          Historically, what I have done is to network the two machines together and used Remote Control software such as Timbuktu Pro to capture screens.

          Recently I worked a project ( for a large client) where I had to capture screens remotely using VNC, unfortunately due to the way Captivate and VNC interact this mean't that manual capture (using Print Screen) would not work, so probably not the best solution.


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            javiersr Level 1
            Hi Mark,

            I thought this would be the answer but I had to try... .

            Anyway many thanks for your prompt answer.

            It's very nice to confirm that this kind of forums are a good tool to share knowledge with other users.

            Thanks again and best regards.