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    Help Files Won't Load In Web Broswer

      We recently moved our web site and I moved over all of our help files. Whenever I try to view these files through Internet Explorer, the opening page seems to just keep trying to load (like an endless loop). I am 90% sure that it has to do with a setting in IIS because of the following:

      1. I can view the files just fine if I view them in Windows Explorer.
      2. I tried creating a "test" group of Help files and they work fine on another web server that I have, but don't work on this particular one.

      I am wondering if anyone has any insight on this? I am running a Virtual Private Server with Win2003, IIS 6. If you want to look at what the files are doing, please go to http://www.basic-software.com/80help/80help.html.

      This is a matter of urgency, so your reply, suggestions, are greatly appreciated!
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          jASP.Net Level 1
          OK - Since no one else is responding on the forum to this, I have an update -- I found out that if I remove these lines from the opening page it will load my help files, but it doesn't show the opening URL like before -- Any clue again as to why this works on our other server, but not on this one?

          <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" >
          if (!window.gbWhVer||!window.gbWhUtil||!window.gbWhMsg)
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            jASP.Net Level 1
            In the event someone else has this issue, here is the Solution:

            IIS 6 does not serve unregistered MIME types like its predecessors. To fix this, in IIS go to the Properties of your website -- click MIME types -- Add * as the extension and register it as application/octet-stream That fixes it!