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    Creating an Index for WebHelp

      Is there any way to use the Smart Index Wizard so that it will only pull words from Heading styles... such as only show suggestions from Heading 1 or Heading 2 styles? I tried using Topic Titles only, but it only gave me the first line of each topic. I need to index a huge amount of text and was hoping I could just assign a heading style to the keywords and automatically index from those heading styles. The source for the documentation is an HTML file designed by our programmers. Thanks for any help. Lisa in Roswell
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          MergeThis Level 4
          I think the only way you could pul this off would be a cooperative effort with the programmers. If you look at an Index file (HHK), you'll see this code block for each Index entry:

          <li><object type="text/sitemap">
          <param name="Name" value="Index Entry">
          <param name="Name" value="Topic Title">
          <param name="Local" value="Topic_FileName.htm">

          They might come up with maybe a Perl script that would scoop up everything tagged with H1 & H2, and populate the appropriate locations in the format as shown above (to which, of course, you would add the front and back matter to create the proper HHK format).

          Any work with sub-entries, I'm afraid, would probably have to be manually done.

          Good luck,
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            lfhall Level 1
            This is a good workaround. Thanks so much for your help. Lisa