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    Hiding topics in compiled help

      Is there a way to hide a topic so that it is included in the compiled help but can only be found by searching with a specific keyword? I don't want to exclude it from the compiled help; I just don't want it to be visible to the general public but still accessible to those of us who need it.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Any topic that is not indexed, not in the TOC and not linked from other topics etc can only be accessed by searching. However the search will catch all text rather than just a keyword.

          There are threads here describing how to exclude topics from a search. How about excluding the topic from a search but making the topic accessible by some hidden means in another topic. For example, create a small icon the same colour as the background of a page so that it cannot be seen. Make that a hyperlink to the topic. I accept it is a kludge but it is only for a small number of people in the know as to where that graphic is, it would work.
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            Shannon_Franks Level 1
            Thanks, I'll give it a try!