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    Fireworks Crashing

      Im running Mac OS X 10.4.7 on an Intel Core Duo iMac

      Something has broken in my Fireworks. I used to be able to right click slices to get the export command.

      When I try it now, Fireworks immediately crashes (its doesnt even show the right click menu). This happens in any document I open.

      Ive tried disabling all 3rd party extensions (i think i have around installed) with no luck. Ive also tried repairing permissions with no success.

      Exporting still works if i use file-export and then tell it to export selected slices.

      Anyone got any suggestions that may fix this problem? Its really annoying.

      EDIT: I havnt installed any new fonts recently and deleting the Fireworks preference file in User->Library->preferences->fireworks 8 doesnt help