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    xml.load external mc images not visable mac


      I am getting crazy, i just finished a flash website for a client i used some basic xml actionscript to dynamicly load images but it's not working on a mac (safari/firefox) and sometime not on a pc with flash 8 installed. I have flash 9 installed on my pc and it works great.

      This is the url:

      if you click on evenementen (events) you should see images build up.

      Could somebody kick me in the face and tell me what th f*** i am doing wrong. It think it's the code but i am not a realy skilled actionscripter.

      So some help is really appriciated.
      Thanks in advance

      I screwed up the image links check out the adobe tutorial about relative paths and when reading xml file DON'T insert spaces infront of your image url

      So after <![CDATA[ directly the image url although it works in IE en Firefox on windows with an space it DOESN't on the MAC.